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Ways to Increase Ambulatory Surgery Centre Collections

Ambulatory surgery centres have transformed the outpatient experience for varied customers around the Globe. This has become a more convenient alternative for hospital-based outpatient procedures because these ASCs specialize in the procedures they perform. The concentrated and experienced workers focus more on patient safety and patient experience and thus have an excellent record of quality and safe outcomes.

The recent years have been quite challenging for ambulatory surgery centres. Various barriers in the ASC billing process have led the organizations to face unnecessary losses. Various strategies that can be followed by them to overcome these challenges are listed below:

  1. Ambulatory surgery centres should be sure to maintain a proper collection policy.They must keep a track of all the bills starting from when the patients left to when the patient made all of the payments. Delay in the collection process will give rise to problems in future. 
  2. When surgery centres fail to register patients correctly or use complex language in the invoice, patients tend to reach to a conclusion that the payment date is not due yet. This results in delay of payments from the patient’s end.So, it is vital that these centres revise billing statements and make them easy to understand. 
  3. Many patients move to different locations after receiving treatment or undergoing surgery. If the surgery centres have failed to collect the payments on time then they might face challenges in locating such patients. So it is advised that these facilities should use the “address service request”, which is a free service provided by the post office. This service lets the statement get forwarded to the patient’s new address.
  4. The ambulatory surgery centres should not entertain late payments but in case they do, these payments should be pursued aggressively. They should have a clearly defined policy outlining a specific set of actions to collect these late payments and the procedures should be taken according to these steps right away.
  5. Accurate medical billing services are the key to successful functioning of the surgery centres. So, they can seek help from revenue cycle management services. They can outsource their services to maximize their collections. Instead of worrying about complex billing and coding, they can rather focus more on patient care.

The RCM service providers like I-conic Solutions are equipped with experts who are well aware of the various modalities of billing and complex coding. Hence, they prove to be great assets to these facilities in ensuring better reimbursement rates!

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