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Rejection Management Services

Sometimes the claims are rejected purely because someone sat too long before filing the claims. Rejection doesn’t mean denial but if we have failed to resubmit or dealt with the rejection loosely it could turn into a revenue block. Rejection Management Services expert at I-Conic Solutions carefully examine the rejections and efficiently move forward with the best rejection management in medical billing solutions. We work at correcting one or many errors found in the rejected claims.

All the claims while going through the guidelines set by Medicaid and Medicare Services are looked at very minutely in order to cast out any inconsistency. Certain claims are poorly formatted and hence do not meet the basic data requirement which pushes them into the rejection pile and insurance companies are unable to process such claims. I-Conic Solutions makes sure that our team of experts corrects the oversights and resubmit the rejected claims to the insurance company.

By following the proper preset step-wise process we ensure the quality of documentation to prevent any kind of rejection.

What do we do?

  • Maintain proper documentation for rejection prevention.
  • Rejected claims are gone through a screening process to rectify collection
  • Efficient rejection management solutions to bring in blocked 
  • Optimized claim management to increase revenue.

We work on the claims before sending it to the payer in order to maintain the quality of documentation and try to prevent rejections in the first place. Rejection claims due to all the anomalies are not able to even make through the computer systems of insurance companies which makes them very precarious, if we delay the process even by a bit it can become a persistent issue for most healthcare setups. 

Our idea is to act quickly on the resubmission, our billing specialist have devised ways to make rejections go through a thorough screening process in order to rectify even the tiniest of errors and help them get through the process faster for our clients to work their bottom lines more effectively. Efficiency, diligence and timeliness are some of the qualities that we, as one of the best medical billing companies ensure.

Our innovative and in-depth ways can help you optimise your claim management and in turn making your revenue cycle more hygienic and well oiled. 

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