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Denial management is critical for any medical billing process, healthy cash flow is what makes the billing process efficient and successful and for that revenue cycle denial management is a very important factor. We at I-Conic Solutions do our best to quickly determine the causes of denial and foresee any future risks and turn around payment as quickly as possible.

We also aggressively work at investigating each unpaid claim, identifying trends by insurance carriers and appeal the rejection in the appropriate manner, this provides our clients not only the clarity to proceed further also the best solutions to manage claims in the present and future.

Denials and rejections are one of the biggest hurdles overwhelm healthcare reimbursements. Both rejection and/or denial due to lack of specificity or inaccurate billing.

An astonishing fact reveals that nearly 20% of claims never get resubmitted typically. Also, the policies, regulations and billing requirements make it a very difficult, complicated job to carry out. So many times, poorly managed care contacts can also make your denials go unnoticed.  

At I-Conic Solutions, our denial management services can turn the game around for you by providing effective and efficient solutions to claims processing and faster refunds to improve your bottom line.

Our Denial management process discovers and resolves the situation pointing towards denials which helps in shortening the receivable cycle. Our team helps in identifying cracks in the billing, registration and medical coding process which help in rectifying the problems permanently also, ensuring that the claims are accepted in the first submission. We can identify when trends have diverged in order to predict patterns for an efficient revenue cycle denial management. 

Our team works very hard every day to make that denied claim work in your favor and the revenue to safely land in your account, client’s satisfaction, and profit is of prime importance to us. Once worked with I-Conic Solutions, clients do not look anywhere else for any support when it comes to innovation in the healthcare industry.

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