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Revenue Cycle Management Services

When we run a business, quality of service provided along with customer satisfaction is of supreme importance but getting your bottom line of finance healthy is also critical in order to run a successful outfit. The Healthcare industry is one of the most demanding industries today, excelling daily is extremely important to create value and no one really understands how difficult it would be for you to manage your revenue. Revenue cycle management services in medical billing is a vital thing for today’s healthcare setups, it precisely comprises of management of funds in the financial process along with collecting payments from patients and other insurance parties involved.

Often a flaw in just paperwork can cost your company a huge amount, one phone call not made on time can cost you a fortune. There are now innovative technologies that can help you deal with all this and more to manage your entire financial setup with core emphasis on profit building.

Revenue Cycle Management work

To get the maximum benefit from Revenue Cycle Management Services in medical billing it is crucial to determine the best solution for your setup and it depends on the size of your organization. You could install RCM software to your own servers in case you have a good dedicated IT team or members who are well versed with the workings of the system and if your scope of work is not much. The software also must be compatible with your existing setup in order to avoid complications and extra expense.

In the case of a larger organization and bigger mandate, it is always recommended to outsource your Revenue Cycle Management Services to make it a more professional and hassle-free process and let experts do their job to help you maximize revenue. When you pass on the money matters to professionals outside of your system, your staff could focus on doing a better-quality job.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Revenue Cycle Management works at I-conic solutions

I-conics customers can count on “future proof” physician billing solutions that incorporate the best of today’s revenue cycle management plus the ability to integrate it with other information both today and tomorrow.


We pay attention to transparency and effectiveness

When it comes to the US medical billing healthcare industry there  is a dearth of companies which can provide best medical billing services and as one of the top medical billing companies we make sure that all the challenges faced by the industry today with manipulated demands, quality care for the patients, lack of transparency and blocking of funds can be dealt with a value based payment system and complete clearness. 


Our team is best in the business

Our well-formed team of experts is equipped to handle every challenge pertaining to the field of RCM medical coding and billing with utmost efficiency and promptness. We work extremely hard to guarantee increase in your financial performance while providing you with innovative solutions to make your revenue and profit turn around. We fit right into your pocket and merge seamlessly into any setup to provide advantage and value. We become a natural extension of your outfit and effortlessly provide all-in-one service to help you achieve your desired goals.


We ensure reliability & ease of use

As an efficient service provider, we make sure that our around the clock accessibility and ease of use is state of the art in order to maintain a resourceful environment for our clients. With project managers prompting an easy and painless access, we are always at your disposal.


We invest in innovative solutions

We are a firm believer in providing value-based solutions with confidence in resourceful investment practices, our wonderful staff and their innovative methods ensure competent management in order to handle any number of deliverables to guarantee complete ease to our clients.


We realise a long-term vision for you

Revenue Cycle Management Services in Medical Billing is evolving, and we are a part of that change which can help you redefine Healthcare growth with the help of our unique and consumer-friendly approach. We want you to focus on patient care, improving technology in healthcare, and making our society a trustful environment for everyone to thrive in. I-Conic Solution is a forerunner in making your Revenue Cycle Management and medical billing needs as effective and effortless as possible.

RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) FAQs

  • The revenue cycle management, or RCM, the process helps healthcare providers make sure they are promptly and accurately paid for their services. 
  • The patient benefits just as much as the provider does from this, although the practitioner benefits more.

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It can be a wise decision to outsource healthcare revenue cycle management, as it can increase revenue. Benefits like:

  • Simplified Process
  • Reduced Billing Mistakes
  • Increased Promptness in Payments
  • Better Cash Flow

I-Conic Solutions primary purpose is to offer inventive Hospital Revenue Cycle Management healthcare solutions so that you may focus all of your efforts on the more reliable areas. We provide value and success to your everyday activities and help you improve your total customer satisfaction.

  • Revenue cycle management enhances provider revenue by reducing the time spent on administrative and clinical tasks.
  • Healthcare providers can quickly receive payment for their services by minimizing technical problems, claim denials, and fraud investigations.
  • In addition, they can avoid spending thousands of dollars on correcting mistakes, challenging claims, and looking into fraud.


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