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Despite all the regulations in the field of insurance, Medical insurance billing and Claim submission companies remain a very arduous situation to deal with. I-Conic Solutions has devised ways to make this process smoother than ever before. For us, your bottom-line improvement remains a clear goal along with quality and reduction of overheads as much as possible. Hospitals and physicians deal with a ton of issues regarding submissions our leading medical billing services are formulated to address all this and more.

With our carefully designed and executed process our clients can build the billing and claim submission efficiently resulting in achieving timely payments, accelerated quality, and productivity with minimum operational expenses.

Our experts in the field help you create solutions that are customised to your special needs and will help optimise your business objectives to the fullest.
By doing all this not only can you focus on the more important facets of your business but create a cost-effective way to deal with the major and minor problems related to submissions and achieve productivity consistently.

During our Claims processing, we use our inventive software to action claims, record patient data and pass them on to the appropriate party. Our specialists are perfectly adept at handling difficult situations and streamline whatever there is to carefully execute the process. There is no universal application used by various insurance companies and the healthcare providers, yet the standards are following HIPAA Transactions mandate which is generally used by the insurance claim software.

I-Conic Solutions is the best medical billing services when it comes to modern yet compliant solution providers when it comes to medical billing. Our team makes sure that you don’t have to worry about the fierce ongoing of the industry and we do all the work for you to seamlessly incorporate our ways into your systems in order to create a more productive and effortless work system.

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