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A leader in the healthcare domain, I-Conic Solutions is a pioneer in making your RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) and medical billing revenue system needs as effortless and effective as possible. As an efficient service provider, we make sure that our around the clock accessibility and ease of use is state of the art in order to maintain a resourceful environment for our clients. With project managers prompting an easy and painless access, we are always at your disposal.

When it comes to the US medical billing revenue system healthcare industry there is a dearth of companies which can provide best medical billing services and as one of the top medical billing companies we make sure that all the challenges faced by the industry today with manipulated demands, quality care for the patients, lack of transparency and blocking of funds can be dealt with a value based payment system and complete clearness.

We are a firm believer in providing value-based solutions with confidence in resourceful investment practices, our wonderful staff and their innovative methods ensure competent management in order to handle any number of deliverables to guarantee complete ease to our clients.

Our paramount objective continues to be, building innovative solutions to ensure a smooth process for your billing and collections, patient’s recovery and best ROI for our clients with ethical management of the complete procedure. List of medical billing companies could be long but a very few work with efficiency coupled with values, I-Conic Solutions can help you avail the best medical billing services along with futuristic methodologies.

Most medical billing revenue system outsourcing companies are dealing with a block in how to deal with the mounting pressure, but we at I-Conic Solutions make sure that, our staff is updated and so is our backend in order to provide not just latest but seamless services to all our clients.

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Our Mision
We improve the financial life of our provider, giving them the freedom to focus on patient care. I-Conic Solutions has defined a bold mission, to shape the future of health care through innovation. Our strong, vibrant & experienced team help bring this mission to life by providing the highest level of quality, being a trustworthy partner and making the client feel comfortable. To be leaders in Cloud Based Healthcare Solutions in Healthcare Make I-Conic Solutions the most Customer Friendly Company To help hospitals to make society a better place to live by improving healthcare delivery to patients
Our Vision
I-Conic Solutions wants to continuously improve customer satisfaction by providing better & State of the art Healthcare IT services and products to the society. To be a globally preferred healthcare organisation and make a difference in the healthcare ecosystem. We are committed to offer excellent customer service and affordable benefits management. We bring comprehensive, unified management facilities that offer all-in-one, reliable service for both your plans local or nationwide. To be recognized as a topnotch performing enterprise up the ladder in the medical coding & billing industry providing a comprehensive end to end business process solution specializing exclusively in the US health care industry.
Our Values
I-Conic Solutions mission is to decrease its client’s overall price of service compensation accountability by offering quality claims management united with value-oriented medicinal management programs. Our years of experience and acquaintance to the services we provide are the most important asset to our client’s management program. We strive to provide best quality services using our simple and relevant approach. We respect our clients and listen to them carefully in order to give them the desired result. Respect, Trust, Passion and Commitment are our major concerns. We have experienced people with ‘Can Do’ attitude
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