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Account Receivable Follow Up

Are you having trouble following up with the insurance companies regarding your claims? Our well-established and informed Accounts Receivable follow up in the medical billing team is efficiently making our client’s lives easier by diving into denied claims and getting maximum reimbursement from the insurance companies by reopening the claims which are turned down primarily.

Our team of Medical Accounts Receivable (AR) Technicians & Specialists, Collectors, Billers, Claims Denial Management and other Back Office experts make sure that you can attain as much proficiency in your system as possible and no claim goes wasted. Our strong understanding of Medicaid, Medicare processing and most commercial payors, make us a team that can get even the most difficult accounts to complete.

How does our Account Receivable Follow Up team help you?

  • Ensuring maximum reimbursement
  • Constant scheduled follow up
  • Deals with most difficult accounts to close.
  • Strong knowledge of Medicaid, Medicare processing
  • Understanding of most commercial payers
  • Execution of counteractive measures taken after in-depth A/R Analysis.

We help you expedite cash flow, get better collection recovery, minimise reimbursement concerns, reduce denials and write-offs at the same time identifying the accounts that need help with the insurance companies. We do all this and more with a help of competent research team that continues to work on your accounts in order to provide insights into the rejections and problem areas so we could deal with them with the most urgency.

In our field gaining knowledge of where we need to work is as important as the execution itself. With the help of tremendous work put in by our AR analyst research team we can identify the sore areas so, we could work on the rejections received from the clearing house, low payments and claims denied by the carriers.

Our deep analysis of the subject matter helps us provide a robust follow up with the insurance company for claim status. Also, once the follow-up is done our AR analyst compile the data to give an in-depth analysis on the claim so that counteractive measure can be taken for non-payments. Post all the groundwork, necessary plan is prepared for outstanding AR collection which is the main objective of AR follow up in medical billing.

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