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Patient Collections

The patient collection is a very critical job because we tied it on two ends. We have to carry sensitivity in consideration to the patient’s current well-being, while on the other end, we do not want it to affect our revenue cycle.

Often during insurance matters, we forget how important it is to give due respect and comfort to our patients and how their well-being is supposed to be of paramount importance, We at I-Conic Solutions hold patient’s welfare of prime importance hence smooth method of patient financial services collections is very important to us. We understand how vital it is for our clients to make that bottom-line work but at the same time, value-based service is what we all strive for.

Specialized practices teams connect with patient financial services collection to collect balances from patients at the time of service, they often need to send patient statements to collect patient due balances.

The payment processing team will provide critical perception into the overall efficiency of your revenue cycle processes. Make sure documents are captured and each line item is posted to the respective patient accounts

I-Conic Solutions makes sure that the patient collections team deals with patient financial services collection in a secure yet adaptable way. The idea is to connect with patients as soon as possible and work with them in order to pay their debts in a functional yet comfortable manner before the account becomes too cold. Our success lies in the deep understanding of the patient, promptness of actions by calling them systematically and articulating effective and doable payment plans as part of our operations.

Why Choose us as a Patient Collection Service?

  • Smooth collection
  • Secure payment collection
  • Monthly audit to confirm patient balances
  • Calling post 2 statements on all accounts
  • Intializingpossible referrals to our collection agencies post-cold account analysis 
  • Conducting financial hardships discussion including payment plans

I-Conic Solution works very hard to conduct the patient statement process with utmost humility in order to create maximum value and support our clients to maintain a healthy environment for patients to happily conduct their process along with making informed decisions in the payment procedure. Our client’s success is vital to us and patient collection is a very tricky yet important thing for our industry to operate transparently and effectively. We constantly strive to reduce your work and help you optimize your existing setup with our leading medical billing and coding techniques.

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