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Often payment issue arises when patient is not able to understand patient statement in medical billing and delays in making the payment, often your staff at the healthcare establishment try to explain to them while billing but, the jargons and terminologies used are out of a layman’s reach and hence they can claim a lack of transparency resulting in payment delays or denials.

That’s where we come into the picture, I-Conic Solutions makes sure a quick and accurate delivery of the statements to help patients speed up their payments. We help patients with clear and concise statements ensuring full transparency and legibility which helps driving them to make payments sooner.
Bad debts can be a menace to any healthcare setup and involving a third party for cost collections can be an unnecessary added step to your revenue collection, we through our prompt statements help lower the risk of bad debts and instigate faster payments.

In case of delayed payments, we have to set up another system to make inbound customer service calls but by sending statements that are crisp and precise we can cut it out completely leaving you with not just payment ease but additional revenue saving.

We work on making our processes simple and effective that each and everyone involved in the process of billing can be eased into making informed and quick decisions in order to create a smooth and pleasing experience. Our statements are digital which makes them accurate and easy to understand which we deliver to all the patients quickly for them to pay up as promptly as possible, leading you to get payments in a timely manner.

All this personalised and transparent billing experience leave your patients feeling important and satisfied and customer satisfaction is something we all strive for as the goal in any business. Our patient statement in medical billing is designed to easily incorporate in our predesigned and customised consumer payments solution to further speed up the collection process.

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