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Payment Posting Services

Payment posting also referred to as cash posting, is a crucial step in medical billing. It gives a clear view of incoming payments and helps upstanding problematic areas to resolve them faster. Proper payment posting is significant to analyze the revenue cycle

In case of improper payment posting, it would be hard to identify nonpayment issues. At times paid balance would reflect in the system, causing confusion. To avoid such errors, a dedicated A/R team needs to work actively to receive planned reimbursement.

At I-Conic Solutions, we pay utmost importance to the payment posting services in medical billing. Our operations team is particular to making efficient payment posting.

Starting from filing and posting the hardcopy of Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), our team focuses on the settlement of accounts and filing of secondary claims.

Things we manage during EOB scanning:

  1. Secondary Claims Processing, 
  2. Reconciliation, 
  3. Denial posting and processing, 
  4. Manual or Electronic payer interface posting.

Soon after the posting is done, our team of experts starts work on denials, be it short payment, clinical or technical. For clients to reconcile the claims payments from the payers and patients are posted on the medical billing system once payments are received against the claims.

What we offer:

  • Electronic Payment posting
  • Manual Payment posting (This ensures no payment record is ignored)
  • guaranteeing up to 99% accuracy
  • Financial reports and smooth revenue cycle within 24 hours TAT

We are your cost-effective yet efficient way of operating the payment postings in your medical practice

By outsourcing your payment posting load to us, you are benefited:

  1. Freeing your in-house staff from this time-consuming labour,
  2. Guaranteeing up to 99% accuracy
  3. Appropriate financial reports and smooth revenue cycle, 
  4. Timeliness within 24 hours TAT, 
  5. Prompt transfers of the patient’s responsibility and improper payments are identified and reviewed sooner.

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