Medical Coding Services and Medical Billings in USA I-Conic Solutions

Medical coding & billing can seem to be a daunting task for most healthcare professionals but our medical coding services have proved to be a boon for speeding up the revenue process along with better systematization. Converting all your data into code needs some expert hands as numeric and alphanumeric codes need to follow strict guidelines and the slightest of error can cause you to mount up your bad debt.

Our coders are some of the best coders in the world with complete knowledge of innovative methods of reducing compliance risk and optimizing your revenue. 

With certification from CPC and COC, our coders follow a strict Medicare-Payer-Client guideline in order to provide efficiency. Our coding process comprises a three-step auditing process that ensures a minimum of substantial 98% accuracy. Well trained and experienced in coding from the medical records, our expert coders work hard to ensure a smooth and precise process when it comes to providing feedback to physicians for agreement and maximizing compensation. 

Successful medical billing and coding services are requisite for appropriate and error-free claim submission. If claims have inaccuracy and are not being submitted on time, practices will face huge revenue loss. AR follow-up services help medical practice and reduce cost and increase revenue at the same time.

Our coders ensure attention on specialties, superior workflow management systems in order to provide excellent and controlled results. Our understanding and exercise of best practices of RCM help us provide the finest solutions for our clients.

You could either take our medical coding & billing expertise as a part of our full program or separately as well to provide thorough billing and coding services. To deliver absolute data integrity our unified process can be incorporated in your system to avoid any difficulty. 

If you would like to improve your claim submission along with increasing revenue by reducing turnaround time and defiance risk, leave the admin burden and expense on us with our team of expert coders you will not have to take any pressure and yet get all your system in place, sit back and look at your improved bottom line with the best medical billing service provider- I-Conic Solutions.

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