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Medical Coding Services

Medical coding services help in transforming various healthcare services (like medical diagnosis, procedure, medical services, equipment used) into universally accepted alphanumeric codes. Medical coding services come in handy to simplify the process of tracking and reporting services attended by the patient. It ensures that precise language is used while performing the medical coding, as a significant code represents an individual element of healthcare. Due to this, most healthcare professionals look at it as a tedious, time-consuming job. Our medical coding services will help you simplify this process and save your time

What information does Medical coding give you?

Through medical coding, you as a payer would be able to get the record of patient diagnosis with the information of services, treatment, and equipment used for the patient.

Why is proper medical coding service important?

Any errors in medical coding can affect your reimbursement. Your expenses would increase unnecessarily due to claim denials or unwarranted compliance issues.

On average, every denied claim costs around $31.50 ( Initial Filling cost of $6.50 + Resubmission cost of $25), along with it comes an average cost of $118 to appeal for a denied claim.

You can easily void these problems through accurate medical coding. At I-conic, we have a team of experienced professionals to handle an error-free medical coding process. They stay up to date with the frequent guideline and mandate changes in the Medical Coding field.

The team makes sure to verify the patient information to avoid inaccurate data collection to prevent claim denial and help the patient reap the benefits of insurance for which they are eligible.

Why choose our Medical Coding Services?

  • Customer-specific Coding
  • 3-step auditing process to give 98% accuracy
  • Highly trained professional to meet the required standardization (ICD, HCPCS, CPT, HIPAA)
  • Reduced compliance risk and optimized revenue
  • Error-free claim submission
  • AR follow-up services help to reduce costs and increase revenue.
  • You can opt for medical coding & billing expertise unified or as separate services.

Our coders ensure attention on specialities, superior workflow management systems in order to provide excellent and controlled results. Our understanding and exercise of best practices of RCM help us provide the finest solutions for our clients.

You could either take our medical coding & billing expertise as a part of our full program or separately as well to provide thorough billing and coding services. To deliver absolute data integrity our unified process can be incorporated in your system to avoid any difficulty. 

If you would like to improve your claim submission along with increasing revenue by reducing turnaround time and defiance risk, leave the admin burden and expense on us with our team of expert coders you will not have to take any pressure and yet get all your system in place, sit back and look at your improved bottom line with the best medical billing service provider- I-Conic Solutions.

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