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Things Hospitalists Needs to Know About Medical Coding and Billing

The medical billing and medical coding process is a prime factor in any Healthcare facility’s revenue cycle management that requires utmost attention. Any negligence in this part can cause the issue to the Face in the later stages. Therefore, in the medical field, you must be aware of the basic of medical billing and  coding services which is required to boost your revenue cycle. 

Essential Factors of Medical Billing and Coding

  • Maintaining Documentation 

Maintaining documentation is the initial step of the Medical billing and coding process. 

It consists of documentation of:

  • The patient’s history, 
  • Diagnosis, 
  • Physical examinations conducted, 
  • Treatments given
  • Equipment used
  • Billing documents.

Documentation plays an essential role in medical coding. Based on the data present in the documentation, the medical coding of that particular patient is done. Hence any error in documentation can create a big issue in the overall system.

  • Document Verification

One important thing to keep in mind while maintaining documents is their verification. It will give the details regarding whether the patient is eligible for insurance or not. This process will save the organization both time and money later.

  • Suitable Payment Methods

Patients visiting your healthcare facility are associated with different insurance agencies having various payment structures. As an organization, to make it easier for yourself, you need to be aware of them and keep yourself updated.

  • Proper Medical Coding

Medical billing is a tedious task, especially since it involves going through documents and turning specific data into alphanumeric codes. Therefore, it requires utmost focus and keeping yourself updated on the ICD and CPT regulations.

Hence it is suggested to have a properly certified professional take care of medical coding, as any error in medical coding will affect the patient data entry into the online system resulting in errors during the medical billing.

  • Following ICD-10

ICD-10 specifies proper codes dedicated to a particular element/service of the healthcare industry. As a medical coder, it is crucial to adhere to the codes set by ICD-10. Therefore, any negligence in this matter can bring unavoidable issues.

  • Approaching Professional Medical Coding and Billing Services

It is always recommendable to approach a professional Medical coding and billing service that follows HIPAA regulation to give you verified services and take over your tedious burden.

By doing this, you will be reducing your claim denial and claim rejection rates and optimizing your revenue cycle.

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