How to efficiently manage patient statement
patient statement

How To Efficiently Manage Patient Statements

By managing your patient statements, you will maximize your incoming cash flow. As a healthcare service provider, one must educate their patients regarding their responsibilities. Therefore a clear and precise statement must be issued, keeping patients in mind.

Critical Factors of Patient Statement

To efficiently manage your patient statement, you need to keep a few points in mind. The following would provide you with areas you need to check.

Proper Mailing of Patient Statements

Many times patients mistake patient statements for spam mails. Hence you have to ensure that they receive your statements to execute the further actions.

Few points you have to keep in mind to ensure this point:

Provide patient statements through online and offline modes

Ensure your healthcare centres name is visible clearly

Choose an eye-catchy color for your logo and name to make sure that the patient’s attention is drawn toward it

Be clear concerning the purpose of the mail.

Accessibility of Patient Statement

Living in a world revolving around technology, you have to take advantage of it. First, make it easier for the patient to access or find the patient statements. This could be done through e-mailing and having the patient statement available on the patient portal. Having digital access will engage patients in their healthcare updates. But do make sure you are sending paper statements to your patients to ensure the receiving.

Online Payment Options

Nowadays, online payment is the most convenient option for everyone. Therefore make sure you integrate the online payment option in your patient portal to ease the process for your payers. This will lead to faster tractions and boost your revenue. It will also avoid payment delays. But make sure your payment portal is secure for the payers to use. 

Clear Patient Statements

It is extremely necessary to give a clear patient statement. However, if the patient statement is hard to understand, it will confuse the patients and create payment delays. 

It will help if you are specific about the amount a patient is responsible for and how much the insurance provider covers. It will make payment collection smoother.

Educating your Patients

It is essential to let your patients know your payment terms and modes. Especially when the amount rises due to their HDHP, they should know about the plans and options available to them. This will ease their concerns and headache of paying bills on time even when facing financial hardships.

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