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AR / Medical Claims Follow-ups

It is our mission at Signature Performance to improve efficiency in the healthcare administrative services business. When it comes to being proactive in identifying and preventing reoccurring difficulties that disrupt essential revenue procedures that affect payers, providers, and patients, our team has unrivalled experience.

Monitoring accounts receivable, often known as A/R follow up, is one way our team increases efficiency and saves healthcare administrative expenses. Because of the wide range of services provided by physicians, hospitals, and long-term health clinics, each patient will owe a specific sum to the provider based on the care received. For effective medical billing, it’s critical to keep those payments structured.

Follow-up on accounts receivable guarantees that healthcare companies have a mechanism to recover past-due payer or patient payments. The majority of A/R follow-up responsibilities include looking after denied claims, investigating partial payments, and reopening cases to get the most money from insurance carriers.

Our experience on both the payer and provider sides of the business allows Signature’s specialized staff to examine industry concerns from a variety of viewpoints, eliminate any static within communication efforts, and develop tailored solutions that get to the root of the problem. We make it a point to improve the patient experience by removing costly roadblocks and significantly increasing compliance requirements.

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