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AMA Releases New 2023 Code Set.

AMA: Releases new 2023 code set. Aims to reduce the E/M coding burden

Aiming to reduce administrative tasks in Medicine for healthcare organizations, the American Medical Association(AMA) has released a set of  new current procedural terminology that is, CPT codes for the year 2023. This new code set is specifically introduced for reducing the burden of healthcare officials so that they can now focus more on providing quality service and pay extensive care to their patients. It will prove to be a great helping hand for the Evaluation and Management E/M Services.

Basic changes to the CPT code:

Based on these new changes made, coding and documentation has become a lot easier for the physicians and care teams. These new modifications to the codes shall be extended to consultations, emergency care services, home and residency services, prolonged services, etc.

To facilitate the transitions to the updated E/M regulations and principles, AMA has also created a substantial online resource library of videos, manuals and instructional modules. These online resource libraries of videos and manuals can be accessed by any healthcare professional whenever they need to. The CPT evaluation and management revisions web page has a complete list of these resources. 

The CPT Editorial panel organizes an open Editorial process which looks after the required changes to these CPT codes. This independent body is convened by the AMA that collects various inputs from different healthcare organizations and introduces these new codes, taking into consideration the demand of the modern healthcare system. 

Including the new coding for AI applications,virtual reality therapy codes, and procedural dissociation services, used in place of anesthetics are some services planned for the coming year.As said by Dr. Resneck, thai new AI will establish foundational definition and share an understanding amongst stakeholders.

These new CPT codes will also help respond to new medical services marked by emergency use of virtual reality technology in therapy. CPT codes in general help the patients in putting claims for healthcare services. They have always been handy when an insurance company refuses to pay for certain services if they are too costly or the patient has not claimed for it beforehand. The new CPT code set will not only help the patients but also assist the healthcare organizations. This is an amazing change introduced by the AMA. 

The new rules shall be applied from January 1, 2023. Until then, the AMA invites the healthcare community to stay up to date with the new changes introduced in the new 2023 CPT codes. If they are not well aware of the changes made, then it might prove to be problematic in near future.

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