Medicare Reimbursements affected by increased Hospital Payment Rates
medicare reimbursements

Medicare Reimbursements affected by increased Hospital Payment Rates

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) increased payment rates for 2023, putting additional strain on hospitals, which will affect Medicare reimbursements. The hospital operating payment rates have been increased by 4.1% in the 2023 OPPS final rule.  Read the detailed blog on the CMS 2023 final report on Medicare reimbursements; AHA concerned.

The center itself stated that this is the highest increase in the last 25 years, and even the American Hospital Association(AHA) is concerned about this renewed CMS report. 

The American Hospital Association regards this final rule statement as an asset to the hospitals. Simultaneously projects that this increase still might not be sufficient enough for best services. Hospitals have to go under a lot of financial pressure when it comes to revenue cycle management or handling Medicare reimbursements. This increase will somehow ensure better patient care in many healthcare organizations. 

The OPPS final rule also introduced the Rural Emergency Hospital(REH) designation. This step can be seen as a great advancement as the REHs will help healthcare organizations to reach the extreme corners of rural areas. People still do not have access to proper healthcare facilities.This is indeed a great initiative by CMS and this shall grow to be an excellent add on to overall growth of the society. 

CMS is perhaps on a journey to provide  proper services to each and every individual, keeping no boundaries of caste or class. Through the establishment of rural emergency hospitals, the reimbursement rates might not change significantly. Every household is sure to get proper healthcare services at hand or near their homes. 

The pressure imposed on Medicare facilities because of reimbursements rates shall never be reduced, reason being, increasing chronic diseases along with outpatients. The demand is more than supply and this shall always be the case.

 So the increasing financial pressure on patients as well as the healthcare organizations will go hand in hand, keeping the pressure high always! To have proper guidance and discover various ways for revenue cycle management, visit the website of I-coninc Solutions

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