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Perks of the new ICD 10 code: Get more Insight into Hepatic Encephalopathy

Change is inevitable and when it comes to Healthcare, it becomes quite a necessity. To keep up with the modified techniques and newly introduced medical facilities and to ensure best treatment of their patients, Healthcare organizations follow various codes, namely Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, ICD codes, etc.  The tenth revision of the International classification of Diseases, clinical modification (ICD 10 CM) is a segregated system of diagnosis which mostly represents signs and symptoms, conditions and diseases of a patient.These ICD codes play a vital role while payers apply for medical claim proposals in Healthcare organizations. Along with ICD, they also need CPT(Current Procedural Terminology) codes for a seamless Medical Billing process. The world health organization(WHO) has designed the ICD 10 for collecting Diagnostic Data.The health information department was touted to introduce a specific yet simpler coding system for the healthcare organizations as well as the payers. The new ICD 10 code has been helpful for lowering administrative expenses and improving efficiency of healthcare organizations. This has also helped the users to avail developed disease management and better understanding of new procedures specifically in Gastroenterology. Matching diagnostic codes to the therapy and test is the need of the hour. With introduction of the new ICD 10 code, Patients with chronic diseases like Hepatic Encephalopathy will sail through the conundrums of Medical billing without any hassle.

 To provide proof for the importance of these codes, various Gastroenterologists have also stated that ICD 10 CM will help the doctors to provide a better diagnosis for diseases and disorders like Hepatic Encephalopathy. 

Codes prior to the ICD 10:

  •    G93.40 or G93.49 for  Encephalopathy.
  •        K72.90 for Hepatic Failure.
  •       A liver disease ‘K’ code plus G93.40 or G93.50
  •      K76.6 for Portal Hypertension.

A detailed analysis of various medical reports have highlighted the importance of the new ICD 10 code that reflects more insight into diagnosis for Hepatic Encephalopathy.

 Breaking down things into granular levels will not only give the Doctors a better understanding of their Patient’s disease but will also help them give medications accordingly.

The new changes in medical errors, recognition of top diagnoses for mortality and morbidity,proper planning and decision making by healthcare services are all driven by these alphanumeric codes. 

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